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  • March 2023 – The Multicultural Women Victoria, The United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of Australia Inc (USMAA) and Monash Interfaith Gathering are partnering to deliver a Monash Multicultural Ageing and Living Well Forum on May 13th. Click here for more information.



Since the sixties, Australia has become a major destination for multicultural groups all over the world. Today the multicultural community in Australia is over 51% including the second generation.  Some had no choice to migrate due to political persecution and war displacement.  Others for the dream of a better life for them or their family or through work opportunity and decided Australia was the country for them.  For each first-generation, the migration journey happens as a family or a solo journey. However, as many sail early in their journey, the thought of life as a senior citizen in a new home without immediate family is highly unlikely to have been part of their decision-making process.

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