The MWV designed a unique and successful Gender Equality Training for delivery on our Women’s Circles.  The training focuses on building a voice for migrant women both individually and as a collective –a voice to be heard within their own communities and within the wider community.

The training is inclusive, culturally sensitive and flexible in its delivery. 

We also designed our very popular Work Ready training course.  The training educates women on finding employment and provides skills development and career advice.

The key difference with our training is that it is tailor-made to the women we work with and is flexible, and responsive to their needs and interests. 

Prevention of Family Violence

 We deliver our exceptional training workshop that raises and discusses the complexities of family violence.  We designed the training to be inclusive and to tackle some of the issues and barriers women face in asking for help.

We are proud to be supported by the Victorian Government and we work closely with organizations including Safe Steps. 

Promotion of Gender Equity

We believe that every woman should be able to stand up, be heard, and be equal in our community! However, sometimes there are cultural or other barriers that prevent or reduce multicultural women’s ability to fully participate.

We want to see multicultural women valued and respected in their own communities and within our wider society  

We have an outstanding training workshop that we deliver to our Women’s Circles and across Melbourne to start the conversation around equality.  

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