Dr. Rukhsana Ahmadi (PhD)


Dr. Rukhsana is a Muslim migrant woman, born in Pakistan, and migrated to Australia to make a new home with very limited cultural and social capital. She consider herself as a typical success story of migrants that, highlights the Australia as a land of opportunities in accomplishing personal and professional goals and aspirations. She`s spent more than three decades excelling in the competitive landscape of Australian Education industry while establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative educator in higher education.

Currently she is working for Deakin University as an academic. Acknowledging that, just like other women, her woman ’s agency is shaped by local, national, social, cultural, and political challenges that intersect with, but also move beyond religion per se… therefore her migrant woman’s identity is shaped by all intersecting forces and forms a complex relationship between her gender, ethnicity and culture and religion in this contemporary Australian society.

Dr. Rukhsana is passionate about issues of women’s needs, experiences, subjectivity and its impacts on matters of social justice. As a member of the Multicultural Women Victoria Board, she sincerely hope to be engaged and participate with diverse groups of women. While understanding the role of intra-ethnic power relations in creating ‘knowledge and power’, she also aim to further explore migrant women’s issues and opportunities, in finding out ways to empower them in taking positions of ‘equality’ in contemporary Australia.