About the Program

The Stepping up to the Workforce programs started in 2019 with the receipt of a Grant from the State Government.

The program aims at understanding the key barriers multicultural women have to enter the workforce commencing with the understanding of their strengths and motivations through to their knowledge of the job market and career options.

Once this is established, our mentors work on the key tool to enter the market such as a good resume (as well as techniques to present it in accordance to the job advertised), application letter, interview techniques as well as short literature papers what can enhance a job candidate to better prepare for the job market.

More important to us is to also give the candidates the confidence of applying for job and also making the necessary changes to the resume to better present themselves.

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Program Streams


No formal qualification attained. We need to understand the person, whether she doesn’t have any formal education. Understand if they may have practical work experience that could be recognised and certified with a short course to enable them to enter the market.

In the absence of practical experience (i.e. no recognisable practical experience) it becomes important to understand her key motivations or natural abilities. In this case we can present them the market opportunities and the certifications (or minimum job credentials) to start a career or activity.

Also important is to understand the phase they are in line to establish the a realistic pathway to follow taking into account their life, language and family limitations.


The Skilled stream covers qualified people (Overseas and in Australia) to. Some professions allow for an easy market transition (such as finance, IT, procurement, people and culture). Whereas others (such as Law, health professionals, psychology) may require reasonable or significant bridging of skills gaps.

We need to check the type of training that the person has and how it can be utilized in Australia. It is necessary to check the certificates, documents and any industry related insurance if required. We will also provide guidelines in relation to Australian culture and English language. The intention is to better prepare the candidate for interviews and to quickly adapt to the local job market.

Self employment

This stream is for people who will set themselves as a sole traders. In this case, the person has qualified to do the activity, however they need to follow government rules and regulations in regards to documentation, insurance and legal procedures.

  1. Australian Business Number (ABN) registration.
  2. Understanding compliance requirements, insurance
  3. Advertising the business (e.g. airtasker, local newspaper, social media)
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